A client's Perspective

The Teal home nearing completion

 I would like to say a few words here about your expertise and the entire process of designing a frame that would work for our house plan.  Also you took great care in the ordering of the timbers including orchestrating a great conversation with myself and the actual mill owner.  Fortunately timing was good for you and us, given the economy.  I wish I had contracted you to do the foundation, subfloor structure, and the SIPS panels for our house.  Our contractor was not as familiar with timberframes as he claimed to be.  The real clincher of our project was when no one could figure out how to design our roof structure which was fairly tricky.  We had two companies putting their computer programs to the test for a pyramid roof with dormers and neither could come up with a truss design that would work.  At that point we called you Mat, and you said that you'd like to worry about it over night and then you came up with a simple and elegant solution.  The erection of four 32 foot beams on each ridge went very well considering a January snow storm and very cold temperatures.  You guys really shine.  Thanks so much.
 We are just finishing our trim work a year later.  It's been important to stay focused on the finish work in order to compliment the beautiful frame that you created.
I owe you another bottle of single malt.
 Hold fast,
Dusty & Martha Teal

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